Can I Leave a Review if...?

Have a general question about leaving a review? Before emailing us at, take a peek at these commonly asked questions to see if we've already responded to yours!

Q - My best friend bought me this as a gift. Can I still leave a review?

Yes! We just request that you mention that you received the item as a gift.

Q - Where does my review go once it has been submitted?

Your review enters a queue, where it is then read by a team of Specialists.

Q - Okay, I’ve submitted my totally rad review! Why hasn’t it posted yet?

Once submitted, a review can take anywhere between 24-72 hours to be live on the site. We don’t currently moderate on weekends, so if you submit on a Saturday or Sunday, it will take a little longer!

Q - My feedback has changed since my original review, can I edit my review?

Our current system only allows one review per item from an account; however, we can remove your original review so that you can write an updated one. We are happy to help! Just send us an email at with your account's email address and the item's name.

Q - I have a question or feedback about a product, but I haven’t purchased it from here/yet. Can I leave a review with my question?

If you haven’t purchased the item from us (even if you plan to), we request that you don’t share your feedback or questions in reviews, as we aren’t able to publish them! Instead, we encourage you to contact our Customer Care Team. They can provide a super speedy response to any questions! If you have a review for a product from another company (even if it looks the same), please head on over to their site to leave your feedback!