Facebook FAQ

Why should I sign up using my Facebook account?

Because now, you can join the ModCloth community in a snap! By connecting via Facebook, you get instant access to all of our awesome offers and unique member benefits (like the ability to save your faves on wishlists and love lists, vote on new designs, share reviews, and more). That means you're just one quick click away from those primo perks - you won't even have to enter your email address or create another password. Easy and breezy!

What information do you collect from me through Facebook?

We collect the following info from your Facebook account: your name, email address, profile picture, birthday, and likes.

What will you do with my info?

Don't worry - our aim is true! We'll use your name and email address to set up your ModCloth membership. Your Facebook profile picture will appear on the top of the site, near your name. Once we furnish a few new features, it will also show up next to your product reviews and other places where you comment or contribute, but for now, it's for your eyes only.

We learn about your likes and birthday in order to get to know you a little better and make sure you get the star treatment every time you visit ModCloth. We want your experience here to feel personal and fun, so don't be surprised if you see a birthday wish or other nice notes from us!

For more information about how ModCloth collects, uses, and protects your info, check out our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Will you ever post anything to my Facebook wall?

We will never post without your permission - pinky swear! The main benefit of connecting through Facebook just makes it faster and easier for you to become a ModCloth member. However you can also grant us permission to post coupon activity on your wall so that your friends can take advantage of those offers too! At this time there are actions outside of coupon activity that are automatically posted to your wall.

I'm already a ModCloth member. Can I still connect to Facebook?

Sure can! To connect your ModCloth and Facebook accounts, first make sure you are signed in on ModCloth, and then head on over to your account page. Under 'My Connections' in the upper right corner, find the button that says Connect to Facebook, click Allow when you see the Facebook permission screen, and that's it!

I signed up through Facebook and now I'm trying to place an order. Why are you asking me to create a password?

It's just for your security! Joining ModCloth through Facebook allows you to do everything except make a purchase. For that, we ask you to create a ModCloth-specific password. This ensures that your credit card and personal information are safe and secure - something we take very seriously!