How do I generate a free return shipping label?

We've changed the way you receive your free return shipping label! It is now provided to you in your original order shipment. If you have misplaced or need a new return shipping label, Guest or Registered Customers can follow the steps below to get your PDF version to print (or save for later!).Returning an item? Simply follow the step-by-step instructions on the form and include it with your returned items. Be sure to include your refund method and return reason code!Exchanging an item? Go to order lookup and enter your order number and email address. As a Registered Customer, you can also log in and navigate to your order history. From there, select the order you wish to exchange and click on 'Exchange an Item'. Simply follow the steps to create your exchange order, pack up the items to be sent back and apply the return shipping label to the outside of your box!Returning a gift? Reach out to our Customer Care team at 888-495-9699.

*Are you one of our Alaskan/Hawaiian customers? If so, reach out to our Customer Care team at 888-495-9699 and we'll get you squared away in no time!

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