How do you determine if a dress is long, short, or somewhere in-between?

For every dress we carry, we determine length by using our own guidelines and taking our own measurements. We pull a size small for each dress and measure it from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the skirt hem.

Our Maxi dresses measure 40+ inches long, or if they're strapless, 32+ inches long.

Our Mini dresses are 31.75 inches long or less, or 24.75 inches long or less if strapless.

And our Longer Length dresses measure between 32 - 39.75 inches long, or 25 - 31.75 inches long if strapless.

You can find these length measurements under the 'Details' section of the page for that item. That's the long and short of it! If you need some more help with figuring out how this will work on your specific body type, be sure to visit our ModStylists. They’ll be able to guide you through the process!