I'm getting an error at check out on my billing address. What's going on?

Our transaction processor is super secure, so be sure that the card information you enter on our site is exactly what's on your billing statement. If the information entered doesn’t match what your bank has on file, the transaction won’t go through. Since our system can only accept cards with billing and account information attached, we generally can’t process third party gift cards or prepaid debit cards.

We recommend contacting your bank to verify your billing address, as your bank might have incorrect or old information on file. Sometimes, banks may freeze or hold funds when transactions are repeatedly declined, so it’s a good idea to double check your info before making multiple order attempts.

Still not sure, or need to know more? Call us at (888) 495-9699, email support@modcloth.com, or start a chat from the checkout or any other main page of our website. We're always happy to help!